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The 25 Companies With the Highest-Paying Internships

OK, all you college students or soon to be grads. Check out this list. I may head back to school! With some internships, you’re lucky if you get some free food and the occasional swag. Other internships, apparently, pay you more than $6,000 a month. Glassdoor, a job site that features reviews from anonymous employees, […]

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How Google Works

Ever wonder how Google gets you results so fast. Well — Look at this!   Image via QuickSprout

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New Scientist: The Best Way to Judge Universities

Very interesting read. This hits home for me, especially since I just going through right now. It’s not easy doing a comparison of colleges. Take a look. – Rusty AS IF it wasn’t difficult enough. When choosing a degree course, you can find yourself eyeing up hundreds of different options with the same name at […]

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Darth Vader and Old Technology!

I’m not sure if I like the Art of Darth Vader or just the fact that the Artist’s last name is Metalica. I know it’s spelled different than the band but I thought it was cool. You decide. See the full article at TechnoBob


Increase Your Audience Just by Making the Experience Better

Have you ever heard anyone say that they learn better if they do something than if they just read something? Well, there’s some research that supports it. EdgarDale, was an educationist in the early 1940’s that developed the “Cone of Experience”, also referred to as “The Cone of Learning”, which purports to inform viewers of how […]


What Engagement Really Is

I recently ran across a presentation by Steven Duke, a former professor from Northwestern University, about what Engagement really is, and believe it or not, I was thinking of it all wrong. While I’m primarily writing about it as it pertains to my blogging, “Engagement” can be anything from a conversation, to a sales call […]